Damages in a burn lawsuit may be potentially astronomical

Burn injuries are uniquely challenging with long-term negative impact — not just physical, but also financial.

The impact a burn can have on someone in Arizona ranges from a minor wound that can be treated at home to a severe, life-altering injury that needs immediate medical attention. Not all burns are the same. Some are caused by fire, extreme heat or explosion, but people can also be burned by electrical currents or by corrosive chemicals.

The aftermath of burn injuries

A burn injury is one of the most devastating injuries you or a family member could ever suffer. The complexity of a severe burn injury is not often immediately recognized. Burn victims will present to those not medically trained as if they have only minor injuries or bad sunburn. Yet the injury will require months in the hospital. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. And when someone receives a burn to even 10 percent of their body, the damage is life altering. Skin protects against water loss, protects against pathogens. Skin provides insulation, sensation, and regulates body temperature. And when severally burned, will require a lifetime of medical care.

Dealing with burns

Unlike broken bones or bruises, burns are permanently debilitating. Severely burned areas will no longer perspire and allow the body to cool. Burns, especially in areas like the knees or elbows, are not flexible and will reduce mobility. Pressure garments are often required for up to 18 months because of uneven skin thickness and to reduce scaring.

Children have even more to endure. If a child receives a debilitating burn injury, medical care will be ongoing until the child is fully grown. Scar tissue does not grow and expand as a child matures. This necessitates repeated skin grafts and surgical releases to accommodate a growing body. Often times a child will endure 30 to 50 surgical procedures before their treatment is complete.

The financial implications of a burn injury can be astronomical. Proper treatment can often cost in the millions of dollars. Almost no one has the ability to pay these expenses out of pocket, and choosing the right law firm can make all the difference.

If someone in the Phoenix area is burned because of another's negligence, he or she may be entitled to financial compensation in order to cover medical expenses, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one is looking to file a claim, consulting a burn injury attorney who is experienced with burn injuries will make all the difference. The Brewer Law Firm has decades of experience in working with burn victims and will put their expertise to work for you.