Automotive Accidents

When a vehicle is in an accident, the fuel system design is often the leading cause of burn injuries from a resulting fire. Automotive fuel systems were brought into the spotlight in 1977 by the now infamous Ford Pinto.

Since that time, it has been a long-standing design principle that automotive fuel systems be able to withstand crash forces greater than that of occupant survivability. In other words, if you can survive an accident, so should the fuel system. Far too often serious burn injuries occur because leaking gasoline proved to be a greater danger than the initial crash itself.

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If you or a loved one sustained serious burns from a motor vehicle accident, the Phoenix automotive injury lawyers at The Brewer Law Firm can help you seek the compensation you need and deserve. We offer more than 40 years of combined experience, and a commitment to thorough, timely and hands-on investigation.

Known Manufacturer Defects

Automobile manufacturers are often aware their fuel system designs can lead to serious injury or death, but they still market their products as safe, crashworthy vehicles. In most cases, alternative designs were available at the time of manufacture but were not included because they cost more.

For a client who was the victim of an auto accident, The Brewer Law Firm uncovered internal crash test results from a well-known automobile manufacturer. These tests showed that the manufacturer knew the vehicle our client was driving was prone to leaking fuel in a collision.

The tests showed the fuel tank dislodging from its mounting brackets in impacts as low as 30 miles per hour. However, the manufacturer put the product on the market anyway and just looked the other way, hoping any burn injuries would be blamed on the crash itself and not the design of the fuel system. We used our knowledge, skills and experience to hold the automobile manufacturer financially accountable to our client.

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