Aviation Burns

Because aviation accidents can be violent in nature, few manufacturers have paid much attention to the crashworthiness of their fuel system design until recently. In the early days, aviation fuel was stored onboard in aluminum tanks that were as flimsy as soda cans. They ruptured very easily. The danger to the occupants is that not every aviation incident is violent or deadly. For helicopters, many accidents are simply low-energy mishaps, which often occur just a few feet off the ground, some while even on the ground.

If you or a loved one suffered aviation burns, our Arizona aviation accident lawyers have the skills and knowledge to help you seek full and fair compensation.

Post-Crash Fires Cause Serious Injury

Aviation BurnsAs far back as 1962, the U.S. military performed studies that showed in helicopter accidents, post-crash fires were the No. 1 killer of occupants in otherwise survivable crashes. The vast majority of post-crash fires were due to ruptured fuel systems, either tanks or fuel lines. This led the military to develop crash-resistant fuel systems, which incorporated flexible fuel lines and fuel cell bladders to all military helicopters. For the next three decades, these crash-resistant fuel systems proved to be almost 100 percent effective in preventing burn injuries in survivable crashes.

Civilian Aircraft With Fault Fuel Systems

The civil regulations for civilian aircraft (both private airplanes and helicopters) took decades to catch up with military specifications regarding fuel system safety. As a result, there are many civilian aircraft currently in service that do not utilize the modern crashworthy fuel system designs. A simple taxiway mishap or a dynamic rollover in a helicopter – events in which all occupants would walk away – too often becomes deadly infernos because little attention was paid to fuel system integrity.

Experience Matters

At The Brewer Law Firm, our experience in uncovering similar (if not identical) fuel system failures in aviation incidents, and our willingness to travel across the globe to document them, has been critical in obtaining significant financial compensation for the clients we have represented against aircraft manufacturers. We are available to our clients anytime, and anywhere, and will begin investigating immediately — before any evidence is lost. We work with a team of experts, and often conduct hands-on investigations ourselves.

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