Fuel-Fed Fire Injury Cases In Phoenix

Fuel-Fed Fire Injury Cases

Fuel systems for cars, planes and other vehicles are virtually mobile bombs. Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene would not make effective fuel if they weren't highly flammable. Because of the danger they pose, fuel systems must be carefully designed to survive the impact of crashes without exploding into flames.

Why Survivable Crashes Turn Deadly

Sadly, many accident victims perish not because of impact-related injuries, but rather due to fires fed by fuel systems that were defectively designed. Survivable accidents often turn fatal when a fire erupts in the fuel system and engulfs the entire vehicle.

These accidents are especially tragic because they are often preventable. No minor rear-end collision should cause the vehicle to suddenly go up in flames. No helicopter should suffer a minor mishap, only to explode in a fireball just 10 feet off the ground. In nearly all of these cases, the integrity of the fuel system is the culprit, and the manufacturer is likely at fault.

A Premier Burn Injury Firm With The Experience And Experts You Need

Fuel-Fed Fire Injury CasesDetermining the mechanics of what led to fuel-fed fire accidents requires a detailed investigation and highly technical knowledge. At The Brewer Law Firm, a premier burn injury law firm in Phoenix, we retain a network of renowned experts to help develop compelling cases on behalf of accident victims and their loved ones. Together with these experts, our legal team will carefully examine the integrity of the fuel system to pinpoint what went wrong.

Our attorneys' experience handling fuel-fed fire injury cases gives us valuable insight into how to approach these accidents. We handle automotive, recreational vehicle and aviation cases involving:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • ATVs
  • Jets
  • Planes
  • Helicopters

Thermal burn injuries that result from these tragic accidents are often life-altering or fatal. Our firm handles both burn injury cases as well as wrongful death claims.

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