Phoenix Gas Explosions And Burn Injury Lawyers

When natural gas or propane leaks, it only takes a small spark or even static electricity to cause a huge explosion. Sadly, because natural gas and propane are naturally colorless and odorless, many people are unaware of the danger until it's too late. Even the man-made solution (adding a rotten egg smell to the gas) does not always keep people safe.

Representation For Victims Of Natural Gas And Propane Explosions

At The Brewer Law Firm, we have spent more than 40 years representing people who suffered because of gas explosions and burn injuries. We represent individuals in Arizona and throughout the country who were injured because of propane explosions caused by:

  • Unsafe handling or distribution of natural gas and propane
  • Unsafe appliances
  • Construction defects in propane or natural gas systems
  • Overfilling of propane tanks
  • Failure to expose structural leaks

Propane And Natural Gas Explosions At Construction Sites

Natural Gas-Propane Burn InjuriesMany natural gas and propane explosions happen at construction sites and near areas where there are homes, apartments and businesses. Workers who are digging can strike an underground gas line with a tool or machinery and accidentally rupture propane tanks. Sadly, when that happens entire construction sites can explode. Even neighboring houses and structures can blow up or sustain serious damage.

Why Did The House Blow Up? There Was No Rotten Egg Smell.

Because a natural gas or propane leak can be fatal, a rotten egg smell is added to natural gas that is used in homes and apartments. The goal is to warn people that there is a gas leak, so they can evacuate the building.

However, when a gas leak is underground, the soil can absorb or "scrub" the rotten egg smell. Because the rotten egg smell can disappear and become odorless, individuals can be injured or killed because of a natural gas or propane tank explosion.

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