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Thermal Burn Injury CasesThermal burn injuries involve exposure to flames, scalding liquids, steam or hot metals. The intense heat kills cells and damages tissues. Depending on their severity, thermal burns can be horrific. They often require extensive skin grafts, and the victim may be left with permanent scars and disfigurement.

The Brewer Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the premier burn injury law firms in the Southwestern United States. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience handling landmark personal injury cases, including thermal burn injury cases. We have built a stellar reputation for our success in helping injury victims and their loved ones seek justice.

At The Brewer Law Firm, we bring a unique level of experience to burn injury cases. Our legal team has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts on behalf of burn victims across the country.

A Hands-On Approach To All Types Of Burn Accidents

Thermal burn injuries can happen quickly and without warning. Accidents that commonly result in severe and extensive thermal burn injuries include:

Often, the cause of the accident may not immediately come to light. At The Brewer Law Firm, our lawyers take a hands-on approach to every case. We will personally and thoroughly investigate what contributed to your accident and who was at fault.

Our attorneys also draw on the talent of renowned experts in various technical fields. Their expertise is frequently a solid building block in crafting powerful cases.

Representing Burn Victims Nationwide And Around The Globe

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