Highway & Roadway Design/Signage Errors

As we go about our daily lives, we don't often give much thought to the roads that get us there. Whether on our way to work or visiting the far corners of the state, roadway infrastructure is a significant factor in our safe arrival. With more and more people on the roads, and municipal maintenance budgets in decline, roadway safety is a serious concern. In fact, according to AAA, road conditions are a significant factor in about one-third of all traffic fatalities. Sometimes accidents that initially seem to be the result of driver error are in fact caused by roadway hazards.

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At The Brewer Law Firm, we have more than 40 years of experience representing individuals in Phoenix and throughout Arizona who were injured because of deficient roadways. Roadway defects include substandard maintenance, poor design, bad construction, lack of proper warnings and improper signage.

Highway and Roadway Design - Signage ErrorsFor example, roadways that were initially designed to accommodate local traffic can morph into major arterial thoroughfares as the population grows. With the increased traffic comes the duty to update and maintain the roadway in an efficient and safe manner. Too often, roads that were designed and constructed for lighter traffic patterns become dangerous when congestion sets in.

Although many authoritative documents are published to protect the safety of the public, these are the most relied upon:

  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Roadside Design Guide Traffic Control Devices Handbook
  • A policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets
  • AASHTO Maintenance Manual
  • Traffic Engineering Handbook

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