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Countless products can be dangerous or even deadly if used improperly. Manufacturers have a duty to provide adequate warnings against such risks.

Most products undergo rigorous testing before hitting the market. During that process, anticipated dangers come to light — dangers which should spur strategic, effective warnings to help consumers avoid tragic accidents. The right warnings can mean the difference between life and death.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Failure-to-WarnThe Brewer Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing victims who have suffered traumatic injuries as a result of ineffective or inadequate warnings. With more than 40 years of combined experience in personal injury, our lawyers share a passion for helping injury victims hold negligent manufacturers accountable. Our firm enjoys a well-established reputation for our success in handling landmark cases across Arizona and around the world.

What Makes A Warning Effective?

Failure to warn of known risks or foreseeable hazards is often a factor in product liability cases. All warnings are not created equal. Even if warnings were present, they may not have been effective.

No cut-and-dry formula exists for determining whether a particular warning is legally sufficient. Several "ingredients" must be considered. For example:

  • Was the warning sufficiently detailed?
  • Was the scope of the warning too broad or too narrow?
  • Were there too many warnings, diluting the effectiveness of those most serious?
  • Was the warning clearly visible?
  • Was the warning written or displayed in an easily understandable manner?
  • Were there warning decals (stickers) on the product itself?
  • Was the size of the wording, pictogram or label too small?
  • Was the warning in a noticeable color to alert the consumer of its presence?

Our attorneys understand the nuances of what makes a warning effective. We take aFailure-to-Warnstrategic, hands-on approach to carefully investigating issues surrounding product warnings. Our firm works with a renowned team of experts in scientific and technical fields to dig into the specifications of each product.

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