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Fatal motorcycle accident results in criminal charges

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month across Arizona and the rest of the country. It's a time for drivers everywhere to remember that as the temperatures rise so do the number of motorcycle riders on the roads. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of riders are hurt or killed in motorcycle accidents. While motorcyclists are often painted as daredevils who dart in and out of traffic, the reality is that many of these accidents are the fault of the other driver.

When and where do most motorcycle crashes occur?

Motorcycle crashes can happen at any time and on any road, but certain conditions may increase the chances of an accident. Analyzing data from the 2013 Arizona Crash Facts Summary put out by the Arizona Department of Transportation can bring awareness to these trends and help victims better understand what may have been factors in their accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: How we can help

It's quickly becoming motorcycle season again, and as riders prepare their bikes for another summer on the road, accident awareness increases as well. Motorcycle crashes are often very serious because the bikes offer very little protection to their riders against a full-sized vehicle. While wearing a helmet, which Arizona laws do not require for riders over the age of 17, can help protect against brain injury, it does not protect the rest of your body.