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Posts tagged "Spinal Cord Injuries"

Key facts about bankruptcy and spinal cord injuries

You may have already assumed that the cost of a spinal cord injury or a brain injury was going to be fairly high, but did you know that you're actually statistically more likely to go bankrupt after one of these injuries than someone who isn't hurt? Below are a few key facts to know about this alarming phenomenon.

Stem cell therapy might help spinal cord injuries

The treatments for spinal cord injuries have evolved greatly from where they were decades ago. New technologies on the horizon might show even more promise for victims of spinal cord injuries. One treatment that is showing some promise involves stem cells.

Spinal cord accidents strip income and increase bills

Spinal cord injuries are very serious injuries. Even when the injury is minor, significant changes to a person's life might occur. If you think about our previous post, you probably remember some of the symptoms of whiplash. Take a few moments to think about how those symptoms might affect you. Now, think about how paralysis and other symptoms of a severe spinal cord injury would affect you.

Is whiplash a real medical condition associated with accidents?

Being involved in a car accident or any other accident that causes your head to snap forward and backward can lead to whiplash. While some people think that whiplash is nothing more than a sham, it is actually a medical condition that can be very serious.