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Posts tagged "Brain injury"

What is the best treatment strategey for a concussion?

If you have reason to believe you have suffered a concussion, such as in a motorcycle or motor vehicle accident, you must seek immediate medical care. Once the appropriate tests are complete, your medical team can provide feedback on your condition and what to expect in the future.

A brain injury can lead to fatigue during the next year

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to a lot of different symptoms, but one that has been commonly noted is general fatigue in the year after the TBI takes place. A study was done to observe the various trends associated with this side effect. The study had 210 adult participants.

Medications used with brain injuries

If you suffer from a brain injury, medications may or may not be used. Typically, rest is the best solution for a mild brain injury, and the only medications you use could be mild painkillers -- to deal with a headache, for example. For more serious issues, though, more potent medications could be needed, including the following:

What happens right after a serious injury to the brain?

A closed brain injury can sometimes be hard to identify, as there may be very little external trauma to note. As such, it's important to know what happens right after a serious injury so that symptoms can be spotted. Below are a few things that happen right after the brain is injured.